Our Mission

Cheer for Life is a fund and fundraising method in which Cheer NY collects donations to help other organizations. In particular, money is raised for adults and/or children’s charities addressing HIV, cancer, MS and other life-challenging conditions to help these valuable organizations thrive and continue to offer their services to the greater NY-NJ community.

Every year, the team selects one or two charities to be the recipients of our Cheer for Life fund. A large portion of all donations made to Cheer NY is then sent to those charities; the remainder is used to offset Cheer NY daily operating costs so that we can continue to do the good work we do. That is why we consider ourselves “Cheerleaders for Charity!”


Cheer NY is also proud to provide a positive and mutually supportive environment for our LGBTS athletes and auxiliary members, where adults of all ages, sexual orientations, and genders can share their talents and training with each other and strive for personal excellence.